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Cloth knitted tie nappy (5 pieces)

Tie nappy from 100% organic cotton.

Price per pack. 5 pieces in pack.

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Unique EASY for use one size nappy for your baby - will fit for newborns and till approx. 2 years.

How to use:
To use the Disana nappy is very simple. Spread out the knitted nappy on the changing mat. Fold the narrow front part back to the ties. Now place the cotton insert (for example Disana muslin nappy) on top of the nappy. If your baby is very small, you can adjust the length of the nappy by folding back the upper edge. Lay the baby on the nappy. First, pull up the liner between the legs, than fold the two upper side edges into the middle. Pull up the lower flap of the nappy between the legs and over the waist. Here too, by folding the flap, you can adjust the size of the nappy. Finally cross the ties of the knitted nappy across baby’s back, bring them round to the front an tie in a bow. The fine knitting gives the nappy a comfortable elasticity so that it fits snugly. The baby is not restricted, but wrapped gently with plenty of room to move.
The Disana wool overpants are then pulled over the nappy. Though watertight, these allow the air to pass through. The soft ribbing around the waist and legs hold the pants firmly but gentle in place. Baby is kept warm without getting too hot, as wool has the property to keep temperatures well balanced.


Marterial: 100% cotton
Manufacturer:  Disana (Germany)
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