Reusable breast-pads (4 pieces) Maximize

Reusable breast-pads (4 pieces)


You will love these pads, because combination of wool and silk great absorb milk droplets and protect sensitive breasts.

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€ 19.90


Merino wool wicks moisture away from the skin, so you will continue to feel dry until the entire pad has soaked through. Silk also is quite absorbent and has natural healing properties, making these nursing pads ideal for soothing sore or cracked nipples without the need for creams or ointments.  

Each pad made from 2 layers of high absorbent and natural materials: from the one side pad made from 100% bourette silk, from the other side from organic super soft 100% merino wool. Color as you see on pictures is beige (natural).

Price per pack. One pack contains 2 pairs (4 pads).

Please choose size from 2 available:
- size 0 - Diameter of each pad is about 11 cm (4,5 inches).
- size 1 - Diameter of each pad is about 14 cm (5,5 inches).

Marterial: from the one side 100% organic merino wool, from the other side 100% silk
Manufacturer:  Engel (Germany)
This item will be shipped out: within 1-6 working days after payment received