Hot water bottle in personalized wool cover Maximize

Hot water bottle in personalized wool cover

Hot water bottle in merino wool cover with your word/name on it. Your word/name could not contain more than 6 symbols (letters of figures). Maximum it is possible to make 2 rows - 6 symbols in each row.

More details

  • Heart
  • Snowflake
  • Flower
  • Brown-White
  • Beige-Green
  • Pink-Red
  • Light grey-Dark grey
  • Yellow-Aqua blue
  • Red-White
  • Beige-Dark grey

€ 39.90

Ecologically friendly and thrifty way to keep warm. Very good gift idea! You do not need to put off wool cover to fill it with water. It is really very easy for use a lot times per day  – just add hot water, cuddle up and enjoy! EXCELLENT choice for you or someone you love.

Rubber hot-water bottle is made in European Union (Germany) by TUV certified manufacturer Fashy, that confirms its high quality.

Capacity: 2 liters (approx. 34 oz)
High: 33 centimeters ( 13 inches)
Width: 19 centimeters (7,5 inches)

Cover knitted from 100% merino wool (manufacturer: tevirP, Latvia)

This item will be shipped out: within 4-6 working days after payment received